Nursery Gruffalo Reading, Artwork and Soup!

The Nursery children have been having great fun exploring The Gruffalo. The children are all familiar with the story and the characters. We have now started to extend our learning with other Gruffalo themed activities.

A current favourite is Gruffalo dominoes. Each animal in the story is represented. The children are asked to identify the animals, and to choose the correct card to match up the dominoes pattern. This is a wonderful way for the Nursery children to also learn about how to take turns and to understand the rules of the game.

We have also been playing many of the games that are on the Gruffalo website. We have converted a corner of our classroom into a Gruffalo’s cave. This is a space for the children to display their Gruffalo inspired artwork.

Our cooking activities have also had a Gruffalo theme. The Nursery children prepared some Gruffalo soup. We used ingredients such as broccoli, courgettes and carrots. A shared tasting session took place. We will soon start work on reading The Gruffalo’s Child.

Elsewhere in the Nursery and the children have created a snake basket. Each class member has made their own snake out of paper. The children have been measuring the length of each each shape. We have been talking about concepts such as larger or smaller. This has helped with our maths learning.

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