Year 1 South Bank Architecture and Buildings Walk

Year 1 have been working hard on their buildings and structures class topic. The children are fascinated by the character Iggy Peck, Architect. As the name suggests, Iggy likes to design buildings.

We were thrilled to receive a letter from Iggy. He asked the Year 1 children for some help. Iggy presented the pupils with a list of London buildings. He wanted to know where he can find them.

This led to both Year 1 classes going on a special trip along the South Bank in London. We caught a couple of buses and were able to keep an eye out for any of the buildings on our fact sheet.

The serious building search started once we reached the South Bank. Both classes enjoyed a productive walk along the river. We were able to tick off buildings such as the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye and red phone boxes.

Back in class and the children have been writing a fact sheet about their trip. They have listed their favourite London buildings and written a sentence to describe them. You can hear a selection of children talking about their trip in the recording below.

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