Year 2 English Work on Endangered Animals

Year 2 have been researching different endangered animals. We have been looking at which species around the world are under threat and why this is happening.

This work has led the pupils to become very passionate about saving animals that are in danger. Each class member has written a very thoughtful journal entry to express their feelings.

The pupils have been encouraged to edit their own work and to make any suitable corrections. Each journal entry explains why the chosen animal is need of our help to save them.

We are hopeful that Michael Faraday School will be able to sponsor an animal in the wild and help with their survival. The pupils have all written a letter to Head Teacher Karen to explain the idea.

We will ask Karen to read each letter and choose the one with the most persuasive argument. The animals mentioned in the winning entry will then be sponsored by Michael Faraday School.

You can listen to some of the Year 2 pupils talking about their passion for saving endangered species in the recording below.

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