Year 4 PSHE Philosophy Sessions Look at Friendship

Year 4 have been continuing to make a mature and thoughtful contribution to our regular PSHE lessons. The broad theme for these sessions is philosophy. A different topic is presented each week. This acts as a starting point for the pupils to develop their own ideas.

We recently watched a short film about teamwork. The story involved some ancient soldiers and their relationships with one another.

This then led to a class discussion. An important part of this exercise was to start any contribution with:

“In my opinion…”

Some new vocabulary was introduced by class teacher Badgie. The pupils were asked to think about what is meant by terms such as collusion, achievement and perseverance.

These Year 4 sessions always lead to an open discussion. All pupils are supported and encouraged to make a contribution.

The sessions conclude with the class members considering if they have been successful. Pupils mentioned that their had been some good listening, people took turns to speak and we were all respectful.

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