Weekly Fun with the Reception Music Lessons

The Reception children have been enjoying their regular music sessions with our teacher Nora. One of the current tasks has been to recognise different sound patterns.

Nora helped each class member to come up with their own sound routine by using different parts of their body. We had hand claps, finger clicks and feet being stomped. Other friends were asked to listen and observe the routine, and then repeat it.

Music and movement has also been part of these sessions. The children have been singing along to songs about a snail and a mouse. We have been thinking about the differences in how these animals move. Reception were asked to move around the hall space to match which song was being sung.

High notes and low notes have also formed part of this learning. Nora rotated these on the chime bars whilst the children had their eyes closed. We used different hand actions to describe if we could hear a high or a low note.

The music session came to a close with some of the percussion instruments being shared. The children were asked to explore the sounds. They were also asked to respond to instructions on playing quiet and loud, and then listening out for the pulse of a song.

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