Year 1 Explore Properties of 3D Shapes

Year 1 have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes during recent maths lessons. The pupils have been looking at the number of sides and the 2D shapes that can be found on the surfaces.

Different table activities have taken place to help the children with their learning. The memory card game involved class members turning over a card to reveal a 3D shape. Our friends repeated this. The aim was to find a matching pair of 3D shapes.

A similar activity took place with other pairs of pupils. They used the cards to play a game of 3D shapes snap. The aim was to be able to identify a matching shape faster than our friend.

A final activity involved the school laptops. Year 1 completed some online quizzes to help with their learning. Their knowledge of 3D shape names and properties was tested. Adult support was available. The pupils were asked plenty of questions about the properties they could see.

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