Year 5 Progress on the Treble Recorders

Both Year 5 classes have been making superb progress in playing the treble recorders. We have already spent some time playing the descant recorders. This is the next level of learning.

We are joined each week by Danny, our expert recorder teacher. The treble recorders can be quite a technical instrument to play. Danny has been helping the pupils to feel comfortable with their instruments and to play a clean sound.

Our early introduction has focussed around the notes A and B. The students have seen how our middle finger doesn’t need to leave the recorder as we move between the two notes.

One of our early class songs to play along with is The Old Chuckwagon. We have also been playing a song called Pineapples are Juicy. This contains a break in the middle. Class members took it in turns to improvise and play a freestyle solo piece.

You can listen to some of the early rehearsals in the recording below.

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