Nursery Children Enjoy Trip to the Unicorn Theatre

The Nursery children had a wonderful time watching Seesaw being performed at the Unicorn Theatre. This is a play that explores the idea of friendship and the changing seasons.

The drama takes place in a large sandpit on the stage. This was a highly interactive experience. The Nursery children were able to explore the sandpit at the end of the performance. We had great fun making our own sandcastles and re-enacting some of the story.

We have been reflecting on the Seesaw story back at school. The children have been talking about friendships and how we can support one another. We have also started to think about the changing seasons.

The Nursery children have seen how spring is a time for change. We have been talking about what type of clothes we wear in spring, and some of the outdoor activities that we can enjoy.

Some beautiful spring daffodils and bulbs have been brought into our Nursery. The children have carried out some colourful observational paintings. We have also made our own seesaw for some of our favourite toys to play on.

We would also like to remind parents and carers that World Book Day takes places on 1st March this year. We would encourage children to bring in one of their favourite books from home to share. Pupils throughout the school are also invited to dress as their favourite character from a book.

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