Year 1 Fairytale PE Video

Year 1 have been using our traditional fairytales knowledge to help with our PE learning. The children have taken the Jack and the Beanstalk story and used this to help us with dance and movement.

Each part of the story was broken down for some PE movement activity to take place. Class teacher Kelly acted as the narrator. Music was played to help the children focus on the shapes and stretches that they were making with their bodies.

Out story started off with a small seed needing some water. Pairs of children acted out this scene. The small bean became large and we stretched our bodies as tall as they would become. The Year 1 children were asked to think about how a beanstalk might move whilst it is growing.

At the top of the beanstalk we found a magical castle. The whole class worked together to build a castle using our bodies. Children took it in turns to walk through and explore this new environment.

Our story finished with the giant at the top of the beanstalk. One of the children took on this role. The other class members has to move around to try and avoid being eaten by the giant.

The PE session concluded with a recap on our adventure. We cooled down by making the journey back to the real world and climbing down the beanstalk. Different traditional fairytales will be looked at in future PE sessions.

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