Year 4 Build Brilliant Electric Buggies

Both Year 4 classes recently enjoyed a science workshop staged by our friend Paul from Southwark Council. The aim of the session was to build an electric buggy.

This is a workshop that is usually enjoyed by Year 6 or Year 5 Pupils. The Michael Faraday Year 4 students have great technical skills.

Our learning started with a talk on safety. Part of the project involved using glue guns. Paul explained that these are perfectly safe to use if we listen to the instructions.

Paul demonstrated each stage of the buggy build before the pupils worked independently on their constructions. We learnt about the chassis, the axel and how we can reduce friction in our buggies.

Some maths skills were used whilst we were assembling the battery pack. We worked out that our two batteries could power the buggies with 3V of electricity.

Year 4 also learnt how we can reverse the current travelling around the circuit. This leads to the propellor turning in an opposite direction, which then alters the direction of travel.

Each pupil was able to successfully build their buggies. These have now been taken home to proudly show to family and friends.

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