Year 6 Art, Poetry and PE!

Rebecca’s Year 6 class have been considering point perspective as part of our recent art lessons. This study started with a look at Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Renaissance painting. The pupils were able to see how we can position the subject matter in our pictures.

A contemporary art exercise then followed. The pupils created their own point perspective piece of art using parallel lines. Our maths knowledge also helped us to create the designs.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and we are looking forward to Poetry Week. The students will be looking in detail at the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. We will be looking to see what is unique about his style, and then creating our own poems inspired by this work.

Finally we are happy to share some photos from a recent Year 6 PE session. The students have been looking at shapes, rolls and how we can travel using our bodies.

Some workstations were set up in the school ballroom. Each class member was asked to build up their own routine by choosing a series of rolls. We then had a short jump from some apparatus to complete the routine.

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