Celebrating Science Week at Michael Faraday School

All pupils throughout the school took part in a fantastic Week Science towards the end of the Spring term. This was an opportunity to share our scientific ideas amongst friends and to discover new ways of learning. Workshops, assemblies, theatre shows and demonstrations all took place.

We welcomed into our school eight friends from King’s College London. It was great to see some female science role models who were passionate to share information about their work.

Our visitors brought some powerful microscopes from King’s College. The students were able to look at the brains of fruit flies. Some of the pupils commented that they felt like brain surgeons!

Other students were able to take part in a dissection session. This was approached in a mature manner with a strong understanding of safety.

Science homework was submitted across all year groups. All staff were pleased to see some great responses to this with some wonderful follow up questions.

Our Science Week celebration came to a close with a school assembly. All pupils were able to share their findings from throughout the week.

We would like to thank our Science Co-ordinator Joanna for organising such a successful week of activity.

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