Reception Poetry Week, Sports Relief and Maths Learning

The Reception children have been reading short stories from the Zim Zam Zoom book during Poetry Week. We have created story maps to explain what is taking place in some of the poems.

The children have also been reciting their favourite poems from the book. Plenty of actions have been added to explain what is taking place. Our D&T time has been used to build a rocket out of recyclable materials that is like the one in the story.

Elsewhere in Reception and the children took part in a Sports Relief activity session. We played some target games to help with our throwing and catching skills. Each class member was timed to see how quickly they could complete the activity.

Finally our maths work in Reception has seen the children working with 3D shapes. We have been building our own using some of the resources around the Reception. The children have been asked to roll the shapes over to count how many sides they can see.

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