Listen to Year 6 National Poetry Week Poems

The Year 6 students have been completing their poems that were prepared as part of National Poetry Week. Each class member has been typing out their work and adding some illustrations. These will be put on display around the school.

The main inspiration for our Year 6 poetry was the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. We explored some of the themes that can be found in his work.

The Year 6 students have used ideas about family, Britishness and culture to help shape our ideas. You can listen to a short selection of these being shared in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and the final preparations are being made for the SATS exams. These take place shortly before the half term break.

Class teachers Rebecca and Leanne are confident that all the knowledge required has been passed on. These final few weeks will be spent on exam techniques. We can then start to look forward to the School Journey and the end of year play!

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