Year 2 Learn New Skills with Dan the Skipping Man

Year 2 recently had a brilliant session with Dan the Skipping Man. The children were able to learn some new techniques from our expert skipping tutor.

Dan started the session talking about safety. Skipping can be great fun but we need to make sure that we remain safe. One of the main messages was to listen out for the instructions from Dan at all times.

Our skipping action began with a simple bounce-bounce routine. This is when you jump with both feet together as the rope passes underneath, and then you bounce once again to find your balance.

Dan then introduced the cross. This style requites the skipper to cross their arms as they are jumping through the rope. The final individual routine was the rodeo. One arm is help up high like a cowboy lasso.

The final exercise for our afternoon was some group skipping. Dan and class teacher Zoe turned the large rope. The pupils jumped in and out, one by one.

We concluded the session by asking what had been learnt. We were able to say that strong listening skills were on show.

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