Choir at the Tower of London Water City Music Festival

The Michael Faraday Choir have been invited to perform at the prestigious Water City Music at the Tower festival. This is a seven day event being staged at the historic Tower of London.

It is a festival of music and song performed by orchestras, bands and choirs of young people from local London schools.

The festival is designed to provide inspiration to young performers, connecting them to their local history and community through music, as well as providing joyful, high quality entertainment for our thousands of visitors.

The Choir will be busy throughout the first half of the summer term learning the music and songs that we will be performing. We are happy to publish the selection of tracks below so that the students can rehearse at home.

Diamonds and Crystals

With her Head Tucked Underneath her Arms

Streets of London


Diamonds and Crystals (The Round)

I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free

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