Busy Term in Year 2 with Science, Geography & English

Our main science topic for the summer term in Year 2 is to study the growth of plants. The pupils have been learning about the conditions needed for plants to grow healthy.

This has become a practical exercise with the class members planting their own seeds. These have been set up under strict scientific conditions to test what the best conditions are for growing.

Four different growing environments were set up: water and sun, water and no sun, sun and no water and no water and no sun. Each week a member of the group observes any growth that has taken place.

The results are logged in our science books. Feedback is then shared within our group. The session ends with some growth predictions for the week ahead.

Our geography learning in Year 2 has involved atlas skills. We have been looking at how the index can be used to help find the map that we want to see.

The pupils started by finding UK locations. We then used the knowledge that some of the children have of their home countries to look a little further afield. These activities have continued in the class book corner during reading time.

Finally we would like to mention our current Year 2 class reading book – Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This describes how a lost penguin is helped by a young boy.

The Year 2 pupils have been developing their own characters based around some of the ideas in the book. The children have started to write a draft of their own personal Lost and Found story. These will be typed up and presented as a unique book to display.

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