Year 3 Music and Movement Session

Karl and Elspeth’s Year 3 classes have been continuing with their weekly music and recorder sessions. These are led by the expert tuition of our music teacher Danny. Movement is often combined with the music.

A recent session started with some careful listening. Danny played a short piece of music called The Wise Oak Tree. The pupils were asked to listen and to think of any ideas or stories associated with the music.

We split into small groups and put together a short sequence. One of the highly original ideas involved a tree in a village that was able to offer advice. Another story was about a crafty fox that lived in the tree. Our routines were shared amongst other class members. Constructive feedback was given.

The pupils were then ready for the next stage of the session with the descant recorders. Danny introduced a new note. Year 3 can now add E to their growing recorder repertoire. The pupils then practiced a new musical scale building in all of the notes that we now know.

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