Year 5 Solar System Science Workshop Video

Both Year 5 classes recently took part in a science workshop to build a model orrery. This is a device that can demonstrate how the moon moves around the earth, and how the earth rotates around the sun. Space and the solar system is our current class topic.

We welcomed our friend Paul from Southwark Council back into the school to help with the workshop. Some rather technical skills needed to be mastered involving hammers and glue guns. Paul was able to show the students how they can use these safely.

Each class member was able to produce a working model. We have used these to remember that it takes a month for the moon to rotate around the earth, and 365 days for the earth to move around the sun.

Future science work in Year 5 will extend to look at other planets in the solar system. We will be learning how to sequence these in the correct order and to identify their defining features.

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