Reception Gardening and Beegu Book!

The Reception children have all taken part in some practical gardening sessions as we look forward to the summer months. The children have planted some Shake and Rake seeds. These are designed to help wildlife such as butterflies and bees.

We have been learning about the steps needed to grow our plants. Each class member has placed some compost in a plant pot, then sewed the seeds before adding another layer of compost. Some very careful watering has taken place.

The plant pots are now safely in the Reception classroom where they can receive plenty of sun. We will be looking after them and monitoring the growth over the coming weeks.

Elsewhere in Reception and the children have been enjoying the Beegu story. This is a magical tale that describes how a mystery visitor arrives on planet earth and needs looking after.

The children welcomed our very own Beegu into the Reception classroom. We have made a shelter for our special friend to stay in. A bed and blanket have also been made. Letters to Beegu have been written to welcome her to our classroom.

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