Year 1 Teddy Bear Non Fiction Stories

Year 1 have been writing some non-fiction books using our own teddy bears as the inspiration. The children have been seeing how non-fiction stories are different to some of the other stories that we enjoy. Facts are key in these books. Our teddy bears were the perfect subject matter!

Each class member was asked to bring in their favourite teddy bear from home. Our non-fiction writing focussed on describing our bears and explaining why they are so special to us. One class member managed to bring in a very special teddy bear that belongs to her Granddad! The pupils were asked to include adjectives to describe their bears.

Our non-fiction writing also involved some historical research. We included facts about the first teddy bears and how they became so popular. Our work finished with the Year 1 pupils describing how their non-fiction books are different to traditional stories.

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