Year 4 Stage Thoughtful Ramadan School Assembly

Year 4 recently staged a special school assembly to explain a little more about the Muslim festival of Ramadan. We started our assembly by explaining why Ramadan is so important in the Islamic faith. We explained that it was during this month that the Prophet Mohammed received the words in the Quran.

Our assembly looked at the Gregorian calendar and the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is known as the Month of the Quaran.

The pupils then spoke about how Ramadan is a time for contemplation. Muslims throughout the world spend the month fasting to show their dedication to their religion. This is a time for Muslims to improve their knowledge and to ask for forgiveness for any mistakes that might have been made.

Some drama then took place. Small groups of pupils acted out the roles of some Muslims who might be excused from fasting. We asked our friends to identify whose these characters might be. They included the elderly, young children, people who are ill or women who are pregnant.

Our Year 4 assembly finished with the pupils displaying some of the Islamic artwork they have created.

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