Year 5 Farm Chicks Hatch! Watch the Video

Both Year 5 classes were thrilled to return after the weekend to find that our six chicks had hatched from their eggs! We have been looking after the eggs in an incubator.

The chicks were all fit and healthy after hatching over the weekend. They are able to survive the first 24 hours by eating their own yolk.

The pupils have been caring for the chicks by making sure that they have a supply of food and water. We have had some careful handling sessions to get to know our new friends. Levels of growth are being monitored.

Each chick has been given a name by the pupils. The full roll call is: Lemon, Sherbet, Meteor, Penguin, Flash and Skelig.

This work ties in with our life cycle topic in Year 5. We have already looked in detail at how mammals and reptiles grow. Our next focus will be on insects. The pupils will be learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

We will be sad to be saying farewell to our six new friends in a couple of weeks time. They will be heading back to Surrey Docks Farm once they are strong enough to survive.

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