Year 5 Learn about the Life Cycle of Butterflies

Year 5 have completed their work looking at the life cycle of chicks and frogs. We have now moved on to look in detail at the life cycle of butterflies. We are taking a practical approach to our science learning by observing this transformation process.

Both classes have taken delivery of same baby caterpillars. The first task was to carefully transfer them into a transparent container. A sugar based food substance was then added.

The pupils will be observing the transformation over the next three weeks. We are expecting to see the caterpillars enter the chrysalis stage. When they are ready to break out they will hopefully emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies.

Many questions have comes from the Year 5 pupils. We are going to plan some further research to help us understand the process taking place.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and the pupils are continuing with their study of Ancient Benim. This was a civilisation in what is now known as Nigeria. We have seen how the use of bronze plaques were used by this civilisation as part of their artwork. Year 5 have recreated these using clay.

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