Building Positive Values in Year 2

Year 2 have been thinking about some of the personal qualities that make us all so unique. Each class member has written a list of words to describe why we think we are special.

The pupils were encouraged to use some amazing adjectives in their work. When put together these build up a unique profile of why we are all so special.

These words were then carefully added to some coloured paper. The pupils produced a piece of artwork that helps us to remember all our good points.

One of the aims from this activity was to help build up the confidence of each pupil. Positive values were used to describe our personalities. We then shared this information with our friends.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the grand draw has been made for the World Cup sweepstake. This is much more than an exercise in picking the winning team! We will be using our interest in the World Cup to help with our learning about other countries.

Each pupil will be researching information about their chosen country. We will be watching brief highlights of our teams together as a class. Each game score will be tracked on our class World Cup Guide.

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