Reception Children say Goodbye to Beegu

The Reception children are preparing to say goodbye to Beegu. This is the character from the book that the children have been looking after since the start of the summer term.

Beegu is now ready to return to her home planet. The Reception children decided to hold a goodbye party for Beegu before she makes her journey.

We have been preparing some food for the party. Cheese and jam sandwiches have been prepared by the pupils.

We have been thinking about some of the party games that we might play. Musical statues and dancing are popular choices.

This isn’t the end of our friendship with Beegu. The Reception children will be writing letters to Beegu to find out how she is settling back into life on her home planet.

Our maths work in the Michael Faraday Reception has involved the children learning how to subtract. We have been talking about what it means when we have one less. Cubes and numicon have been used to help out with this learning.

Finally the Reception children have been having great fun with our weekly yoga sessions. These are structured to help the children to relax, as well as to exercise and stretch different parts of our bodies.

Some relaxation poses usually start each session. The children are then asked to stretch in a style that looks like a flowing waterfall. Sleeping mouses in another yoga position. The final stretch involves the children pretending to be balancing birds.

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