Sumer Term Activities in the Michael Faraday Nursery

Many different activities are taking place in the Michael Faraday Nursery during the second half of the summer term. The children have returned after the short break with enthusiasm for singing. A small performance stage has been built in our outdoor play space.

We are continuing with our dragon theme as the main learning topic. Plenty of planting is also taking place around the Nursery gardens. This has led the children to have an interest in finding out more about mini beasts.

The children have been observing some of the wildlife that we can find outside. We counted forty ladybird lava outside our classroom! A selection of mini beast beast books have been chosen to read during our shared reading time.

Finally the Nurser staff are making preparations for the new term in September. The children that will be moving up to the Michael Faraday Reception classes are starting to understand what will take place. Home visits for the new Nursery starters will soon get underway.

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