Year 3 Ancient Egypt School Assembly

Kul’s Year 3 class recently staged an impressive school assembly to present our research about the Ancient Egyptians. This is a topic that the pupils have been learning about since the start of the summer term.

This was the final assembly from the pupils as Year 3 students. They were keen to impress by explaining the Mummification process used by Ancient Egyptians.

One of the class members took on the role of the Mummy as her friends acted out the many steps involved:

“My body was washed first. A fork was then placed through my nose to take out by brain. My skull was covered in salt. This is to stop it from rotting away.

The next step was to cut open my body. All my soft parts were taken out, apart from my heart. I was then left for forty days. Fake eyes and hair were then added. These will make me look good in the after world!

The final stage was to cover my body in bandages. I was then placed inside a sarcophagus.”

We have also been learning a short song about the history timeline to help us place different civilisations in the correct order. You can listen to a short burst of this in the recording below.

Elsewhere in Year 3 and the pupils are making good progress reading Charlotte’s Web. This has led to some research about spiders. We worked in pairs using the laptops and iPads to find out some facts about spiders.

This information was presented in bullet points. The pupils have been learning how we can use bullet points to put across factual information. Kul asked for full and complete sentences to be used.

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