Special Science Visitor at Michael Faraday School!

On Wednesday 20th June, the Michael Faraday pupils were lucky to have had a special visit from the esteemed scientist Professor Robert Winston!

Professor Robert Winston is scientist, surgeon, writer, televisiton presenter and peer (a member of the House of Lords).

Robert talked about the force of gravity to years 1, 2 and 3 and did a number of demonstrations using different kinds of eggs and matches!

Our year 4, 5 and 6 children were shown fascinating images of cells in the human body and a genetically modified ‘super mouse’ amongst other thought-provoking things.

The children asked lots of interesting questions about science and Robert himself. Robert considers his greatest achievement to be his own children and reminded our children that they are unique encouraged them to have a range of interests, as this will make you more successful and fulfilled.

Robert is writing a book at the moment about the questions children ask about science and said he may include some of the questions we asked: Why are there lines on the palms of our hands? (TJ Year 4) and: Why do we dream? (Sadia year 6).

The children had a wonderful time and we would like to thank Professor Winston for spending time with us.

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