Afternoon Tea and Rugby for UK Day in Year 2!

Year 2 celebrated UK Day with some English and Welsh activities. Other children from Year 1 also joined in the celebrations. This allowed all Key Stage 1 pupils to enjoy all four UK countries.

Zoe’s Class helped to stage a traditional English high tea. We looked at the history behind this type of celebration. The children found that high tea can be traced back to an English Duchess in 1840 who wanted an extra meal in-between lunch and her evening dinner.

Plenty of food preparation took place ahead of our afternoon of tea. The children helped to make cucumber sandwiches, scones and jam, all topped off with some delicious strawberries.

These were all enjoyed outdoors in our school amphitheatre stage area. Dukes and Duchess roles were played by the pupils. Some bowing and curtseying was involved!

Feedback was asked on the taste and choice of food.

Haneefa commented:

“The strawberries were more than delicious!”

Lizzie’s Year 2 class helped to celebrate the Welsh nation by playing rugby! This was the first time that some of the pupils had played the game.

We started off by feeling comfortable in holding a rugby ball. Some of the basic rules were discussed. The pupils were introduced to the idea of scoring a try, or being tackled by an opponent.

A simple game play situation was set up. A team of attackers had to run with their ball from one end of the pitch to the other. The defenders had the task of trying to remove their tag belts.

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