Nursery Room on the Broom!

The Nursery children have been reading Room on the Broom during the final few weeks of the summer term. This is a story about a witch and her cat as they fly around on their broomstick.

The story has sparked the interest in broomsticks with the children. We have made our own mini broomsticks using lavender bundles.

This work has been linked to our maths learning. The Nursery children have been introduced to terms such as long, longest, tall and tallest. We have made some wand charts using art straws to show which characters have the longest wand.

We are looking forward to the visit of Paul the Animal Man later in the week. Paul will be bringing along a selection of his reptiles and fascinating insects. We will then start to look at non-fiction animal books.

Finally we would like to mention Come Dine With Me which will be returning to the Michael Faraday School Nursery. This is an opportunity for parents of children who are joining Reception in September to share in a social occasion.

The children will be designing and preparing the menu. Our Learning Journey books will be made available so that parents can reflect on the past year in the school Nursery.

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