Year 5 Release Butterflies at Burgess Park

Both Year 5 classes recently went to the nearby Burgess Park to release the beautiful butterflies that we have observed growing. We took delivery of some caterpillars two weeks ago. The pupils have observed the transformation to chrysalis and then Painted Lady butterflies.

This process was faster than we first thought! The chrysalis were formed shortly after we started to feed the caterpillars. All the butterflies hatched together over a two day period. We were able to see the chrysalis start to wriggle as the butterflies were ready to emerge.

The final task was to say farewell to the butterflies and to release them into the wider world. Burgess Park was the perfect location for this. The Camberwell Beauty is a native butterfly that is unique to the local area.

Both classes made the short trip to the nearby Chumleigh Gardens. We spoke about how to make the butterflies feel safe by being very gentle and not making loud noises.

The pupils rubbed a little juice from an orange on to their hand. This was to encourage the butterflies to mount their hands ahead of release. One by one the butterflies were all set free.

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