Year 5 World Cup Assembly Explores Different Nations

Joanna’s Year 5 Class staged a topical Key Stage Two assembly looking at some of the countries that are taking part in the football World Cup. Our aim was to research and share our knowledge of some of the countries that we may not be familiar with.

This assembly was superbly put together by the pupils at very short notice. It is a very busy time as we approach the end of the school year. The pupils have been working on many different projects.

Groups of four pupils each selected a country to research. These included Senegal, Costa Rica and Sweden. The pupils were able to tell our friends about the history, the culture and some information about the football teams.

A presentation was prepared to show on the large whiteboard in the school roof garden. This was an interactive assembly. The audience was asked about some of the foods that are popular in our chosen countries.

Year 5 also produced a World Cup competition. These will be handed out to the other pupils to research and answer during their class time. The winning class will be presented with the replica World Cup trophy that Year 5 have made.

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