Farewell Year 6 – Thanks for the Memories!

The final few weeks of being Michael Faraday School students have been very eventful for Year 6. The weeks of rehearsals for our end of year play paid off. We received fantastic feedback from the parents and carers who came along to support our production of What a Knight.

This was then followed up the next day with the annual Leaver’s Assembly. This is an occasion to reflect on the unique achievements of every pupil during their time at Michael Faraday School.

Class teachers Leanne and Rebecca praised each class member with some unique stories and memories being shared. This was then followed by the Leaver’s Tea. The pupils served up a traditional high tea to the parents and carers.

Scones were also on the menu for the final day of term. One memorable scene from our play involved one of the characters taking a bite from a scone and finding a mini Excalibur sword. To make sure that no one felt left out, we recreated the scene by offering up scones to all students. Two of these contained the Excalibur sword.

Year 6 also staged a samba drumming workshop during the final week of term. This took place outdoors in our brilliant new playground theatre stage. The pupils have been working each week with Southwark Musical Services on learning how to play as part of a samba band.

The very final Year 6 activity was the end of term Talent Show! This was one last opportunity to leave a unique memory to be shared with our friends.

Good luck Year 6. We shall miss you all. Thanks for the memories!

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