Year 4 End of Term Fun

Year 4 have been celebrating many of their achievements over the course of the past school year. One young class member is very proud of his personal gardening work. Peppers and strawberries have been planted and cared for. The outcome is a wonderful crop to share with class members.

A couple of stunning art displays have also been prepared for the end of term. Our Viking and Anglo-Saxon history topic has led to some high standard painting of Viking long boats.

These contain many different layers. Paper has been carefully torn to create a wave effect. The ship masts are also presented as a 3D form of art.

The second display is a little more abstract. We have been learning about the idea of pointillism and the work of George Seurat. Some very careful representations of his work have been produced.

Finally Year 4 staged one of the best end of term parties! We worked together to carefully choose a party playlist. The instructions were for happy end of year music. The pupils didn’t disappoint! We also decorated the party tables with some end of year messages.

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