Year 5 Spectacular Southwark Splash Performances

Year 5 received some fantastic praise for their Southwark Splash performance on stage at the Royal Festival Hall. We have been working with a group of professional musicians throughout the summer term in the lead up to this production.

Southwark Splash is a celebration of music and acting talent in the borough. We joined up with other local schools to perform Anthology. This was a production that showcased some of the best bits from previous Splash years.

Sophie’s class took part in the dance part of the performance. Three challenging routines were learnt. Joanna’s class performed on stage as part of the mass Splash choir.

A much more informal session took place on the final day of term during the Year 5 talent contest. We were entertained by piano performances, singers, dancers and even comedians!

Both Year 5 classes also enjoyed an end of term trip to Greenwich. We were able to witness a show at the Planetarium. This helped the children with their summer term space topic. We also all crossed the famous Greenwich Meridian Time Line.

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