New Year 1 Children Make Transition from Early Years

Our first few days in the new Year 1 classes has been spent learning the class rules and routine. This is a major change for the children as they progress from Early Years to Key Stage 1.

The main difference is the change from play-based learning to table-work. Class teachers Emma and Kelly have helped with this transition by managing a carousel of table activities covering learning and play.

Some of the tasks involved writing the goals that we would like to achieve in Year 1, drawing a poster of our favourite book or creating interesting designs with the school plasticine.

The most fun activity was signing up to the Year 1 Rules. This involved the children making a colourful handprint with some paint to show that they agree to help all our friends with our new rules.

Once the children feel settled in their table groups then the serious learning will soon start. We have plenty of maths and English activities prepared for the first few weeks of the new school term.

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