Year 5 Prepare for Future Learning with Verbal Reasoning

The first few days of teaching in Year 5 has focussed on some of the future learning to come. This is an important year for the pupils as they develop new skills to prepare them for Year 6 and SATS.

We have identified at this early stage the importance of strong, verbal reasoning. Year 5 learning requires the pupils to advance from simple yes/no answers, and to be able to offer a well-thought out argument to explain our views.

We looked at a series of photos containing some similar people or items. The question was asked: which is the odd one out?

An example was a photo gallery showing Barack Obama, Elvis Presley, George Bush Jnr and Donald Trump. We soon found that different layers of reasoning could be used to describe the odd one out.

Other subject matter covered animals, sport, food, instruments, rhyming words and flags. The pupils worked together in small teams to express their ideas and speak fluently. This is a skill that will be used throughout Year 5 with the pupils encouraged to reply with extended answers.

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