Year 6 Students Set Goals for the New School Year Ahead

Both Year 6 classes have made a brilliant start to the new term by setting out some of the personal goals that they would like to achieve. We held a class discussion to decide why it is important to keep on setting new targets to achieve.

This is a busy year for the students. Many activities take place as part of their final year as Michael Faraday students. The pupils have been asked to think about events such as SATS, the school journey and the school play. Personal targets have been set for each activity.

Year 6 have also been thinking about friendship and the transition to secondary school. Goals have been set to help us approach this major change in a smooth manner.

This work was organised as a spider diagram with some heading and sub-headings. The end result will be a very personal piece of writing that can be referred back to during the year to help each class member remain on target.

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