Michael Faraday Plays Southwark Beat the Street Game

All staff and pupils at Michael Faraday School are very excited to be taking part in Beat the Street. This is an initiative organised by Southwark Council that involves tapping in to some set points around the borough using a special fob key.

Each time that someone taps in with a Michael Faraday fob, an automatic counter clocks up our score. We are competing in a friendly game of Beat the Street with most other Southwark schools throughout the borough.

Forty-five outdoor locations are in place around Southwark. These are all in safe areas away from traffic. The main aim is to get people to explore their borough and to be active and fit outdoors.

This mass game of Beat the Street will take place over a seven week period. The winner will be the school that achieves the highest number of swipes at a beat box during this period.

It is very early days, but Michael Faraday School is currently topping the online leader board! Prizes will be presented at the end of the seven week period for the winning teams.

We would like to encourage all parents and carers to take part in Beat the Street whenever you are out and about around the borough. You can swipe the boxes at weekends and during the half term holiday.

Good luck!

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