New Nursery Children Start Fairytales Topic

The new Nursery children have started their learning with a topic based around fairytales. We will be reading three classic stories: Hanzel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs.

We have used some of the ideas in these stories to help explore our amazing new outdoor play space. The Nursery area contains some small houses that can be used to help act out some of the scenes in the fairytales.

Later in the term we will be asking the Nursery children to choose their favourite fairytale. We will be encouraging everyone to explain what they like about the story. This will form our first class display in the Nursery.

Elsewhere and the first few weeks have seen plenty of new friendships being formed. The children have been learning all the new names and feeling comfortable with the adult staff.

Sharing of the resources has been an important part of this process. We have also had some wonderful singing sessions to help with our communication. We are lucky to have many different nationalities in the Nursery. We also have a welcome display to reflect this.

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