Year 3 Throwing and Catching Ball Skills

Year 3 have been focussing on ball skills as part of our recent PE sessions. We have been working with large soft balls that everyone feels comfortable to play with.

We started a recent session with a brief warm-up. Class teacher Elspeth then handed out the balls with the instruction to experiment with them. The children were asked to roll them around different parts of their body to see what was possible. A little movement was then added.

The main learning activity for the session was to improve our throwing and catching skills. The Year 3 children were able to suggest three different types of throwing action: underarm, a football throw-in and a chest pass.

The children worked in pairs to practice these skills. Elspeth asked the children to predict which direction the ball would travel for each throw. We found that an underarm throw led to the ball moving upwards, whereas a chest pass was straight and direct.

These early ball handling skills will be built on in future weeks. The Year 3 children are working towards playing a game of handball to show our skills.

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