Year 4 Introduction to the Ukulele

Both Year 4 classes recently had their first ukulele lessons with our expert teacher Joe. This is a major part of our music learning in Year 4. Each week Joe helps the pupils to have fun with the ukulele. This is the perfect sting instrument for this age group.

Our first lesson involved the pupils feeling comfortable in holding and playing their ukuleles. Joe helped each class member with the basic holding position. The idea is to make this feel natural, rather than a chore whilst playing.

Joe then gave a brief guided tour of our new instruments. The Year 4 pupils should now be able to identify the body, neck and the tuning head.

The next step was to be able to number the four strings and identify which one was which. We also looked at the frets and learnt how these are numbered. The final task was to see how we use different fingers for each fret.

Joe then gave instructions relating to the strings, frets and fingers. The Year 4 pupils were able to respond and move their fingers around the instrument. This is early days in our ukulele lessons. Soon the pupils will be playing along so some simple chords.

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