Year 5 First Session with the Treble Recorders

The Year 5 pupils have made the major move from the descant to the treble recorder. We became expert decant players in Year 3. Now that each class member has grown, the next step up is to master the larger treble!

Our recorder teacher Danni started our first lesson with a gentle warm up. We also spoke about pitch and what it means musically. The pupils played some games with Danni to help identify the pitch for the notes E, D and C.

Next came the assembling of the treble recorders. Danni guided the class through the three sections and how to put them together. Some of the pupils were surprised to learn that the foot of the recorder needs to be at a slight angle. This helps our little finger to reach the lower notes.

The music studio whiteboard was used to assemble the notes E, D and C. Volunteers were asked to jumble these up. Our friends then played along to the order that was displayed. Year 5 finished a fantastic first session by playing a simple sequence of the three notes together.

You can watch a short video showcasing our early treble recorder work above.

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