Autumn Term Music Sessions in Reception

The Reception children are responding well to their weekly music lessons with our expert teacher Rose. Many different aims are explored in these sessions. The children are encouraged to listen to instructions, recognise different ways of singing and to think about the pulse in a song.

We started a recent lesson by making a circle and listening to the beat being played by Rose on a couple of rhythm sticks. The children were asked to march their feet in time with the changing pulse.

We then sang our welcome song. This requires the class members to listen to the type of singing voice, and then match this with their own welcomes.

Rose then introduced the song Down the Road. A picture of a house was used to help set the scene for the children.

Each class member was invited to knock on the door of the house and keep the pulse of the song with our actions.

The final activity looked at a changing musical pitch. Two bells were rung by Rose. One had a high sound, with the second being lower. The children were asked to close their eyes, and then reach either high or low with their hands when they heard each pitch.

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