Elspeth’s Year 3 Class Stage First Key Stage 2 Assembly

Elspeth’s Year 3 class recently staged their first full assembly as Key Stage 2 pupils. This was a major moment for the children. Elspeth helped the pupils to prepare so that they felt confident and could put across their message clearly.

Our assembly involved sharing of the science work that we have completed about the human body. Year 3 have been learning about the human bone structure and skeletons.

Each class member had a speaking part for our presentation. We started off by explaining why we all need bones to help us stand and move. We touched on the differences between human and animal skeleton structures.

Elspeth’s class then challenged our friends from other year groups on their knowledge of human bones. We asked for particular bones around our bodies to be pointed out.

Our first ever Key Stage 2 assembly finished with an enthusiastic singing of a song about bones, as well as sharing our skeleton artwork.

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