Year 1 Celebrate Super Hero Week

Year 1 have had plenty of fun celebrating Super Hero Week! This is a time when we consider some of the amazing powers that our favourite super heroes have. A popular choice in Year 1 is Traction Man.

The children have been reading the Traction Man stories and finding out how he likes to help people. We have looked at the many adventures that he goes on and thought about how we could help people.

This led to some role play in Year 1. All the pupils have made their own super hero costume. We have been talking about the special powers that we have and how these can help our family and friends.

Super Hero Week came to a close in Year 1 with a mini-adventure in our school playground. We heard that the Evil Pillow had taken the farmyard animals and dolls. Our challenge was to save them.

We were able to complete this task working alongside Traction Man.

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