Year 2 Trip to the Horniman Museum

Our autumn term science work in Year 2 has seen the children learn about animals and their habitats. We had first hand experience of this topic when we visited the nearby Horniman Museum for an animal workshop.

The children were able to focus on four different animal environments: the Artic, woodland, the rainforest and deserts. Our workshop helped the pupils to understand why each animal lives in their environment.

Our science topic will move on to consider humans and their environment. This will lead to a wider understanding of living and being healthy in our community.

Elsewhere in Year 2 and the children have been continuing with their daily guided reading sessions. This is a time when different English activities take place to help with our improvement of reading and writing.

The Year 2 pupils have started to read the book Big Bo Peep. This is a story that has a slight twist on the traditional tale.

The children have been set the challenge to think about what might happen to each character. They have written short sentences in their guided reading books. We have also described each character.

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