Year 4 Tell the Windrush Story in School Assembly

Badgie’s Year 4 class put on a brilliant Key Stage Two assembly before the half term break. We have been learning about the Windrush Generation during out history lessons. This is a topic that we were able to update for our class assembly.

We welcomed our friends into the assembly by playing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. Some of the students then read some Windrush poems that we have been enjoying.

The history behind SS windrush was then explained. Year 4 recounted how Britain needed re-building after the War. Members of the British Empire were invited to come to our country as citizens to help with the work.

The pupils have been researching the experiences of the Windrush Generation. We found how they were sometimes treated badly and had to confront racism.

Our assembly concluded with an update on the current Windrush scandal. We explained how some family of the original Windrush Generation faced deportation after documents were lost.

Each class member has a speaking part. We also displayed some of the powerful messages that we have produced in our class posters.

We have some Windrush inspired poetry to share that has been written by the Year 4 pupils.

We also have some Windrush poetry that was read out as part of our assembly.

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