Year 5 Work on Improving Persuasive Writing Techniques

Year 5 have been working on improving their persuasive writing techniques. We have been reading the classic Greek myth Odysseus to help us with our learning.

We have reached the part in the story where Odysseus needs to decide if he continues with his journey. This a tough decision with strong arguments both for and against.

The Year 5 pupils held a class debate about what Odysseus should do. We heard some strong reasoning both for and against continuing the adventure.

Class teacher Joanna acted as the judge for the discussion. All pupils were asked to vote at the end of the debate.

We have now transferred our verbal reasoning into a piece of persuasive writing. The pupils were asked to explain the reasoning behind their choices.

Vocabulary such as although, for example, and it is clear were added to our text. A conclusion was reached by each class member as part of their final summing up of the arguments.

This is a great way for the Year 5 pupils to understand the themes in the story. Our persuasive writing helps the students to think about the character of Odysseus and the challenges that he faces.

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